The Pet Concierge Dog Walking and Sitting Service

We provide tailored pet sitting and dog walking services located in Bow Brickhill, our aim is to help you in todays hectic lifestyles enjoy your pets and keep them happy while you enjoy a holiday,
are out at work or just want to spend time with family and friends.

At The Pet Concierge we love dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes!

Dog Services

Dog Walking, Dog Pop-ins, Dog Overnights, Dog Boarding
big ones, small ones, waggytail ones, scruffy ones, cute ones, hyper ones, naughty ones, lazy ones, greedy ones, mischievous ones, puppy ones.


Cat Services

Cat Pop-ins, Cat Grooming.
moggy ones, pedigree ones, timid ones, affectionate ones, haughty ones, dribbly ones, farm ones, fluffy ones, hunting ones, baby ones, older ones.

Small Pets

Small Pet Services

Small Pet Pop-ins, Small Pet Boarding.
lop eared rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, hamsters, dwarf rabbits, pygmy goats, gerbils, chinchillas, giant rabbits, mice, rats, house rabbits, pot bellied pigs.



Bird Services

Caged Bird Pop-ins, Caged Bird Boarding, Chicken and Duck Pop-ins.
budgies, cockateils, love birds, parrots, cockatoos, guinee fowl, finches, ducks, aviary birds, geese, macaws, pigeons, doves, chickens, peacocks.

Unusual Pets

Unusual Pet Services

Unusual Pet Pop-ins, Unusual Pet Boarding.
snakes, lizards, terrapins, tarantulas, slow worms, stick insects, worms, tortoises, tropical frogs, giant snails, iguanas, ants, piranhas, cockroaches.


Equine Services

Summer Care, Winter Care, Grass Care.
showjumpers, donkeys, companions, shetlands, dressage, hunter trials, alpacas, ponies, veterans, foals and broodmares, happy hackers, mules.

Pet Taxi

Pet Taxi Services

We are fully insured and have transport cages for dogs to ensure they are safe and secure.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Why not go to the contact page and send us your favourite pet piccies for the photo gallery so everyone can see and enjoy them.

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